Hilda Leticia Dominguez

A funny and ingenious girl is what people call me. I'm a natural-born writer who, surprisingly, didn't know I would become one until I was in my twenties. Since a child, I enjoyed making my own handcrafted books, stories, colorings, paintings, drawings, and poems. In junior high, I wrote a puzzle and a interview with a teacher for the school's newspaper. Although my mother saw this and knew before I did, I found my writing vocation when I was in my twenties.

I've studied several careers before I found my calling as a writer. I studied: Cosmetology, Travel Agent, Police Science, Acting, Nursing, Freelance Writing, and Pharmacy Technician.

I've submitted poetry to The National Library of Poetry and was always picked as a semi-finalist. On one of my poems, To my Beloved Wife, I received an "Editor's Choice Award." For a year, I participated in monthly contests by writing short stories to Archie Comic Website, which two of them (by my first and middle names), I won. In addition, I had contributed polls to the Archie Comic Publications Website and received more than 300+ votes.