James D.

James delivers salient comprehensive security solutions and concierge to clients and families and has done so for the last ten years. He is registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and is an active member of ASIS and SoCal Bodyguard Association. His ability to mitigate risks, limit exposure and develop comprehensive security solutions for individuals, entertainers, families and executives keeps him in high demand. James is a vigilant, perceptive and diligent individual that believes in taking pro-active counter-measures that will yield increased safety at a decreased cost. He is a leader in the security industry and through his flexibility he provides services that supplement in-house or contract work. James has provided his protection services to entertainers, CEO's, celebrities, athletes, foreign dignitaries, and the affluent. Contracted all of the world, his event list includes: Microsoft conventions, ESPY Awards, Country Music Awards, BET Awards and NBA All-Star. Working for Private Military Companies (PMC's) he has operated high-threat civilian work in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as protective operations in South Africa. Specializing in crowd management and paparazzi control, he is a yearly part of the 300 protection team (including L.A.P.D., Los Angeles SWAT and FBI) that provides protection to celebrities and other VIP's at the annual Grammy's, Golden Globes, Emmy Awards and Oscar Award shows which are televised live around the world from Los Angeles. He has received executive protection/bodyguard specific training geared towards advance work, threat assessment, client/facility vulnerability risks, human and social behavior and other topics geared towards de-escalating problems verbally and in a non-confrontational way. Providing services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; Los Angeles (323) 327-6288 | Atlanta (404) 966-7167 | Domestic (800) 774-5783