James Buccelli was born in 1970 in South Laguna Beach, California. He has lived mostly in Beverly Hills, California and now Calabasas California. Mr Buccelli's Runway Magazine offices still reside in Beverly Hills, California 90210. James Buccelli is an American Business Magnate, socialite, author, Producer, Publisher, Designer and inventor.

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James Buccelli is working on several Films at the moment including the latest films "Universe 3D "Trophy", "Road To Nowhere" and "Paradise." James Buccelli has been involved with some of Southern California's Hottest Nightclubs. Being the Fashion Entrepreneur that he is, Landed him into the world of Runway in the early 90's. Since then James Buccelli has capitalized on the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment world. James is the fifth of five children of Mr buccelli, a real-estate developer based in New York City and self-made millionaire. James was strongly influenced by his father in his eventual goals to make a career in real estate development, importing and Exporting, while James's other part of the family focused on Fashion. However, James Buccelli's Entrepreneur spirit made him more independent of his father and James continued the Fashion and Publishing route. James Mother was a very strong woman. He was very close to his mother. Both James's parents died in early 2008. James Buccelli comes from a very large Jewish family, however his father was as italian as they come.

The Buccelli's family was big in the fashion, real-estate and la