Janelle Wingert

E-Learning Designer and Retired in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Janelle Wingert

E-Learning Designer and Retired in Cheyenne, Wyoming

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My Mission – To share Franciscan joy through e-learning, teaching, writing, speaking, creating, drawing, painting, as a chronically ill person.

My Hope – To seek and share all that is authentic truth, goodness, beauty and unity in genuine culture.

My Desire – To pursue the purpose and meaning of human life found only in Christ who is why I thrive in the midst of joy & pain.

My Passion – To build a civilization of love wherever Jesus plants me.

When I was a child, I was always sick, with many weeks of missed school each year. It was not until I was 16 that I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Since then I have been diagnosed with several auto-immune diseases. Despite chronic pain and severe illness, multiple surgeries, and so many medications I could open my own pharmacy, I have always had hope.

While a youth I feel in love with teaching and working with kids. I found learning fascinating and always strove to be a professional learner. Due to immune suppression therapy I had to leave the tradition teaching modality. I love being creative and engaging others through song, creative writing and e-learning.

Due to a long term fight with flaring of Crohn's I am in the process of reinventing myself. I am fully grounded in Christ, social justice, and Catholic theology. This translates well into whatever I do creatively no matter the audience or population I serve.

I have a passion for technology, education and inspiring others. Through this next year I will be melding my passions together to share hope and joy especially with those who are forgotten or very sick.

I completed a nine month of study last year in E-Learning Instructional Design and Development with the University of Washington - Professional Certificate Program. Then four days after the program finished I was admitted yet again into the hospital.

My Crohn's was flaring bad and all my medications were failing. I have been declared fully disabled, though I have not lost hope.

As I continue to recover I sing, I pray, and I look forward to creating e-learning for first time ostomy patients, IBD patients, their caregivers, and more. All of this will be on a part-time volunteer basis.

I have to put my health first but I still will be present online. Through the miracle of technology even the bed bound and disabled can inspire and reach out to others.

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