jesika jsk

Goddess in Prague, Czech Republic

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..but for those who need some details:

I feel & believe that the most important is LOVE & Balance.

I believe in Universe and Human.

I accept & experience mySelf as: old Soul composed of absolute opposites, Twin Flame, Goddess of Dark & Light, unicorn whisperer, lady as well as enfant terrible, connoisseur of erotica, truthful visionary&prophet, fully independent philanthropist, [most of the time] dark dresser, and someone who´s proud to be European from Prague

_ s.2008: consultant, coach, author and lecturer in the field of personal & spiritual growth, with a specialization in image [including fashion, style & color mastery] + motivation ninja at Jesika Consulting - life in harmony

_ s.2013: founder & editor-in-chief of DONELLE-CZ - daring e-magazine for daring women

_ s.2014: founder of - your gateway to JOY / meta-erotic toys for the pleasure of body & soul [exclusive distributor of Chakrubs for Europe & Russia]

_ s.2016: inventor of A.C.M - Crystalline Mysteries/Memories of Aeon [teachings of mastering the Universal Alchemy]

_ deeply avid photo[lomo!]grapher, writer, collage maker and fashion designer

_ Muse / object [or simply a model] for artists of all kinds

_ idea maker & creativity wizard for individuals / labels mostly in fashion, art and erotica

bookworm. lover of languages. word / text addict.

movie & visual stuff lover. obsessed with creating of tumblrs.

classical music / electro / alternative / rap listener.

flautist & triangle player.

mudra yoga master & ballerina by nature.

Libra. vegetarian! caffeine-cacao-alcohol-drug-FREE.

supporter of LGBTQ / animal / planet Earth rights

*green-eyed leggy brunette*

#Hermetism #Osho-zen-buddhism #SacredSexuality #5D+3D #DivineFeminine+DivineMasculine #authenticity


LOVE? feel free to contact me <3

HATE? feel free to mind your own Self <3