Jesse Dorsey

I am a Designer

Web Design, Graphics Design, Automotive Design (in moderation) but my passion is Game Design. In fact, you can check out the on-going progress of my most recent project. A Virtual Pet Game called ProjectANI.

I am an Entreprenuer

It's starting too feel serial really, I've have a number of hobbies and potentially having one (or more) of them be self sustaining is just to great a prospect for me to pass up. For a run-down of what I'm actively involved in at the moment; check out my documents on StackOverflow Careers.

I love to Create

I'd like to call myself a sort of an innovator, but I've been feeling a bit derrivative at the moment. Of course, my current work is relatively* innovative. It's a Virtual Pet Game called Project ANI (working title). This summer, I'm considering really getting into costume and prop design for film, seems fun.

I really like to get Involved

I am one of the chosen community moderators for the Game Development Stack Exchange, I actively maintain the community site (and a few accounts) for Blacksmith Music Corp's Year of the Blacksmith website** and I do a few other things around my community. If you know of anything where I may be a good fit, I'm usually down to help a good cause so shoot me a message!