Consultant in the United States

Protecting you, your family, business owners, executives and their companies from financial ruin.

How? By accelerating achievement of your goals with Solutions Consulting, Team Engagement, Benefits Design, and Personal Protections. I am a shy sage, an aRtIsT and steadfast advocate for the oppressed.

Over 30 years of slinging solutions, achieving goals, caring for family and improving our world is my legacy. A really nice guy who is "Sargeant Major" of helping folks climb safely to their mountaintops for themselves, their families, their businesses.

Honcho of my destiny, who demonstrates that to my daughters, everyday! Founder of Zhanjiang Art Partners. One of the editors and an author in the anthology "In Dogs We Trust". Team member of Operation Fetch. And lover of creativity in all forms.

Supporter of Armed Forces veterans and their families and every wounded warrior that breathes. The nucleus of every cell in my body guides me to embrace and encourage authentic diversity. Philanthropist, raising philanthropists. Someone pinned an MBA on my back, while I was busy helping Congress roll out a life altering capability to every USA family.

A flame proof Dragon Master who's an "old hat" at helping you make the best decisions. Smooth your feathers and let's get to the real issues: What's important to you about protecting your loved ones and yourself? Why?

Let's talk about it.

Enjoy working with passionate, self-aware, authentic individuals and leaders . . . are you one?

I am.

And, I am a father, dog-lover, Fe2O3 pumping, artist who enjoys all forms of creativity. I'm a politics wonk & junkie, philosopher, who grew up half British and half Yank on U.S. Air Force bases around the world. My earliest school days were in French public schools in Evreux, west of Paris. My Mum grew up in Liverpool being bombed by the Nazis and my father grew up near Walden Pond not far from the famous North Bridge where my Minuteman ancestor leveled his musket at red coated British Regulars on 19 April, 1775.

Where are you going? Let's get you there.

  • Education
    • Loyola University Maryland - MBA
    • University of Maryland, Baltimore County