João Valentim

João Valentim

Born in Portugal, and still young. In fact, he enjoys being young. And he can be both serious, and fun.

1. On the serious side he Graduated from Economics in Lisbon, and got specially interested in the areas of Marketing, Nonprofit and Communication.

Finished his master in Management with a thesis on People Management, and worked for over a year in an international nonprofit organization - Junior Achievement -commited to promote entrepreneurial skills in children.

For 2 years he has been Chief Emotion Officer of imatch, a collaborative consultancy firm, working in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Innovation.

2. On the fun side, he backpacked in South America, danced in Canada, and lived in Rome for a year. He got very involved in youth movements for the past 8 years. So involved that it eventually became leader of some. This actually changed his life. (for better)

The good part is that the serious and the fun, got blended into one reasonably creative person.

He enjoys being around people, creating new projects and inspiring fresh ideas into others.