John Bramwell Playa Tesoro

Managua, Managua, Nicaragua

Nica Projects Ltd. is a real estate development and property management company.

Playa Tesoro is a real estate project located on an island between the Tamarindo River and Pacific Ocean, near Leon, Nicaragua. It is over 30 acres in size and has a significant amount of quality ocean beach front.

Nica Projects is preparing and servicing the land, and subdivided it into beach and river front lots. Later phases will deliver more product.

Rental property can be a wonderful investment. As an owner and part-time resident, our experienced staff will assist you to avoid the pitfalls and headaches of owning rental property. We offer Property Management Services ranging from free and 'at cost' to full service.

Playa Tesoro property management services will enhance the quality of life of residents, control the cost of operations, and increase the value of all property under management.