Small Business Owner in Siuntio, Suomi

Me in About 5 ;->

Innovative & Experienced Sparring Partner

Passionate Business Ecosystem Designer & Co-Creator

Natural Born 2.0 Coach

World-Class Rich Media MindMapper (Carta 2.0 StoryMaps)

True Ostrobothnian (roots, genes & personality) ;->

My Motto: "Your Next Level (2.0) is Where Your Passion, Competence and Creativity meet The Window Of Opportunity with Likeminded 2.0 People."

I'm Pro 2.0 - proactive, provocative and professional. Always looking for new opportunities to co-create next level business & personal ecosystems. Feel free to contact - Let's see what we can co-create ;-

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    • ChiefChallenger, EcoSystemic Designer, CEO @Notium