Jose Gonzalez

When I am not looking for life's source code, I'm refining my craftmanship, enjoying my passion and having fun that is programming. It could include reading different technology blogs, listening to podcasts, discovering new people in the different social professional sites, tinkering with code or just theory.

I've learned not to take a zealot stand on any particular language, framework, technology or tool. I'm not pro anything or anti anything. I believe in finding the best tool for the job at hand. Even if that means buying and learning a tool I've never worked with before. I stay awake and try to remain humble. I strongly belive in the Socrates' philosophy: "All I know is that I know nothing".

The man behind the developer mask is a man who enjoys the simplest gifts in life. I'm a proud dad of two boys and commited to my girlfiend of almost ten years.