Katie Felten

Milwaukee WI

I work with companies as their freelance Community Strategist.

First, I work with the Marketing team or CEO to understand the unique needs of your company, and then I develop the marketing strategy to fit those needs; then I train your team to execute the strategy we’ve developed, and provide your company with a playbook to keep you on track. Afterward, I’ll help outline your monthly content plan and guide you in executing it on a retainer basis. Having multiple clients allows me to take things I learn elsewhere and apply it to market and grow your business.

My customized playbook is not your typical marketing strategy; my process is inclusive, so I work with you to develop a strategy and set an easy to implement execution plan for your organization. I research your customers’ needs and help you build a marketing strategy that better speaks to them. I create comprehensive content, marketing, and social strategies, and train your team on how to implement them. Finally, I provide you with the playbook, which outlines clear, step-by-step instructions on how to build and sustain the momentum of these strategies.

Although I set you up with the tools, knowledge, and training to successfully execute these strategies on your own, I also understand that planning monthly outlines is not everyone’s forte. This is why I am available after we’ve completed the playbook in several ways, including monthly content and editorial planning sessions.

With over a decade of experience as a social media educator, trainer, speaker, and video host, many of my clients find me because they are struggling to use social media effectively. My playbook process helps clearly define how, when, and which marketing platforms to use. We examine each of these through the lens of your customers, helping you better understand their needs, so that you’re only active where your clients are.

If you’re interested in learning more, why don’t we connect and see whether a playbook is the right fit for you.