Kimball (Kim) Hale

Adaptive Instructor in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

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While presently in the research, development and funding resource phase, the goal of Symbiosis Adaptive Experience is to create, promote, and provide four-season outdoor therapeutic Sports & Recreation activities and training for people with disabilities and disabled veterans. Our goal is to initially begin operations in Kelowna, BC, Canada, and every 24 months establish a new program in provinces across Canada.

Our Core Objectives:
• Four-season outdoor Adaptive Adventure opportunities (Skiing, Mountain Biking, etc.)

• Adaptive Sports & Recreation resources for disabled veterans of all ages

• Daily lessons & week-long camps for individuals, disability programs, and hospital rehabilitation groups

• A sustainable and environment-friendly multi-acre lakeside venue providing accessible & affordable lodging and campsites for people with disabilities and their families

• Advocacy for an accessible barrier-free environment, fulfilling the rights of people with disabilities to participate in all areas of community life


Kimball moved to Fort McMurray realizing the opportunities available for people who were willing to work towards their goals. For Kimball the goal is to save the start-up funds needed to make the Symbiosis Adaptive Experience vision a reality.

There are far too many individuals, families and veterans who can physically, mentally and emotionally benefit from therapeutic adaptive sports & recreation activities and programs, and Symbiosis Adaptive Experience eagerly looks forward to offering these opportunities.

IMPORTANT — No funds are being solicited. If you are interested in more about Symbiosis Adaptive Experience, please feel free to contact Kimball.