Kristen Levine

tampa, florida

I’m striving to make the world a better place for pets, their people and the businesses that serve them both. A pet industry authority for nearly 25 years, I founded Fetching Communications in 2003 dedicated exclusively to the pet and veterinary industry. We provide marketing communications services to pet and veterinary businesses all over the globe.

I'm a seasoned pet lifestyle expert and author serving as a spokesperson for BISSELL's pet clean up products, TOYOTA's pet safe travel initiative, Qualcomm's Tagg-The Pet Tracker and I'm an HSN pet expert host. I author books about pet life and columns for various national print and online publications.

My personal mission is help people and pets live their best lives together, with particular emphasis on American's age 50+. I also strive to elevate pet adoption as the number one way American’s add a pet to their family. Chilly ‘the bean’ Levine is my canine companion and my greatest inspiration for work and laughter.