Larry Caudle

Larry Donnell Caudle is nothing short of a huge talent. As a graduate of Morgan State University, he received a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. Larry also has a background in marketing and promotions, and His moniker, "The Renaissance Man" describes him perfectly. Not only does he dance, choreograph, scout talent, manage stage productions and on the road activities, Larry is a student of the entertainment industry; in a short time, he has learned a lot. Larry has been in the entertainment industry since 1996, starting out as a young dancer in the Baltimore club scene. As he went from club to club battling and free styling, dancing was an easily recognized gift. If Larry makes dancing look like a walk in the park, it's because it's his passion. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't have a dance on his mind. Instead of playing outside with his friends as a child, Larry used to stay in the house after school to practice his moves. Over time, he became a popular dancer in the Baltimore dance scene. Larry and his crew stood out because of the lack of males who danced in the club. Once word got around, people wanted to see how good Larry actually was by going to the local club to see him and his friends dance. Larry started to take his dancing more and more serious by starting his own dance company, 'Les-jes-dance.' This bold move solidified him as a professional dancer, and helped when it came to hiring dancers from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area. He was then introduced to a local producer on the rise named Rod Lee. He propositioned Larry to produce a stage show for each artist he produced for. By 2002, Larry had choreographed and danced for talented artists who put Baltimore on the map. He became the 'go-to' guy for dancers and choreography, grabbing the attention of artists such as Paula Campbell (Sony), Davon Howard, Time Trees, D.O.G. Universal, Natures Problem, and Young Leek (Def Jam). With each endeavor Larry pursued, he gained more knowledge of the entertainment industry, which ultimately helped Larry's moniker, "The Renaissance Man," evolve. As he continues to build his connections and enhance his talents, Larry's goal is to become a household name in the entertainment industry, not just in Baltimore, but across the world. Check out his new and Partnership DMVJAMS LLC. WWW.DMVJAMS.COM. #BESTHYPEMANALIVE ON TOUR WITH @IAMKINGLOS Contributing founder/ Mindlessbhavior Via Pridiogy.