Laurel Blond

President of the Maurice Blond Agency Inc., Laurel Blond entered the insurance community in 1985. She studied occupational therapy at Tufts University as an undergraduate and later became the Head of the Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her father, Maurice Blond, convinced her to join the Maurice Blond Agency to start selling health insurance. Gaining expertise in long-term care and life insurance, Blond began speaking throughout the New York City metro area on subjects pertaining to the agency’s products.

Blond oversees the day-to-day operations of the Maurice Blond Agency, which also offers health and disability insurance and investment services through Park Avenue Securities LLC. The company works with high-profile business owners and individuals throughout the United States, including Yasuomi Hashimura, the Japanese photographer who runs New York’s Hashi Studios; the Kleier family, who appear on the real estate reality television show Selling New York and who released the bestselling book Hot Property; and Janet Goldman, owner of the chic jewelry brand Fragments. The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America inducted Blond into its prestigious President’s Council by virtue of her great contributions to the insurance industry.

In addition to tending to her career, Blond deeply supports the efforts of her husband, Rabbi Leib Tropper, who founded the Kol Yaakov Torah Center in Monsey, New York. Recreationally, she cultivates a number of hobbies, including dancing in a women’s group twice a week and looking for antiques, especially in upstate New York.

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