Learn to Draw Books

Art Director, Artist, and Teacher in Mendon, Utah 84325

Learn to Draw Books

Art Director, Artist, and Teacher in Mendon, Utah 84325

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Hi, I’m Learn to. I’m an art director living in Mendon, Utah 84325. I am a fan of Mendon Cottage Books, Learn to Draw Books, and How to draw. I’m also interested in Pencil drawing and photography. You can read my book with a click on the button above.

We have developed over 1400 books that are family and learning oriented. We hope you enjoy our Learn to Draw series of books. The small cottage in the picture is our 900 sq. ft. 150 year old home that inspired our company name.

If you are an artist in search of further knowledge about drawing to enhance your skills, then this

is not the book for you. This book is for the individuals who want to be an artist, but know

nothing about drawing yet.

I know how it feels when you want to illustrate an idea but you just don’t know how to start.

You finally grab the confidence to mark that paper, but it turns out so terrible that you don’t want

to show it to anyone.

This instructional manual is for making that ‘two circle’ cat of yours into something more

pleasing and distinguishable. It is also for enhancing that sheep which looks like a cloud with a

face, and for turning your stick figures into cartoons, and more.

Read on to learn the very basics of drawing easily, by following this step-by-step tutorial. You

can finally realize that drawing is something that is fun to do, and not something that becomes a

cause of frustration.

Enjoy drawing!