Toronto, Ontario, Canada

411.ca is a Canadian owned and operated online directory that does what few other online search directories do – focus solely on helping Canadians find people and businesses in their neighborhood. 411.ca is not a phone service whatsoever –it’s a powerful, SEO-driven online search resource. And it’s a resource that’s only increasing in popularity. Enjoying more than 20 million visitors every year, 411.ca’s website now boasts roughly 3 million visits every month. Meanwhile, its ever-popular Mobile site (http://m.411.ca/) enjoys high traffic too – almost a million visits per month in fact. With more than 200,000 registered users and more than 60,000 reviews on its site, 411.ca is indeed the fastest growing online community in Canada.

Established in 1999 at the heart of the dot com boom, 411.ca was always intended to be a go-to online informational resource for Canadians across the country. The company was launched with little fanfare. But, despite its modest inception, within its first month, 411.ca experienced over 600,000 page views. Three months later, in May of 2000, 411.ca generated its first milestone by having 1 million page views. To put this in better perspective, a similar search directory spent over a million dollars and a year’s worth of effort to reach the same 1 million-visitor milestone. 411.ca has always had the benefit of its name brand recognition to stimulate high growth. Known for years as the telephone number for directory assistance, ‘411’ has become engrained in our minds as an abbreviation for information. Name recognition may be one of the reasons for 411.ca’s growth and success, but it doesn’t tell the entire story, nor can it take all the credit.

The simple reason why Canadians continue to turn to 411.ca is because, ever since its founding, 411.ca continues to improve its search capability and what it can offer content-wise for its visitors. Take, for instance, 411.ca’s handy reverse search capability, which allows 411.ca visitors to look up local businesses based on the business’ address. Or take as another example, 411.ca’s organized and clearly laid-out user interface. Want to know more about a particular florist shop in Toronto?

Simply type in the shop’s name in 411.ca’s search box and in one click, you will be at a window that shows all the pertinent information about that florist – business hours, description of the shop, a handy map and florist address, and perhaps most importantly, a list of h