Louis-Philippe Loncke

explorer, Adventurer, and Entrepreneur in Brussels, Belgium

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I explore remote and extreme environments, often places that aren't seen on TV. My solo adventures are mainly unsupported as it helps to feel what's like to be out there alone facing the pure power and beauty of nature where lies are forbidden.

I organize expeditions with a specific purpose: discover a culture, stress out an important ecologic issue or raise funds for a local cause. Our most precious element is water and I want to inspire all to protect it.

My passion for exploration will be featured in several projects under the umbrella brand Meet Explorers.

I've spoken at TEDxWarsaw, TEDxFlanders, CreativeMornings and Fuck Up Night. I hope to speak at your event soon.

I'm a volunteer at the Junior Chamber International (JCI), proud ambassador for Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots and "Knight for Youth, Animals, and Plants in the Order of the Iguana". I was honored to carry the Olympic torch in 2012. I was volunteer during 7 years for NGO "Art in All of us" and board member for 3 years.

My company LONKKO is for my IT consultancy and various projects. I have participated to several start-up creation events and I'm connected to the Belgian Entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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