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NO - I am NOT the young, good-looking, talented, Olympic Champion, with the BIG Pot O' Gold and all those beautiful young women chasing him all over the Globe! If you are disappointed, just close this page. I am MICHAEL PHELPS, the AUTHOR of "DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE" which I Co-Authored with Ellie Janssen, the first wife of the iconic American Actor, DAVID JANSSEN, best known for his portrayal of "THE FUGITIVE" and "HARRY O'". I then Authored "THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE". This debut Novel (Published by Blue Line Publishing House, Inc. in January of 2009) is based on the murder of a close friend and one-time mentor of mine, DETECTIVE SERGEANT JACK R. OHRBERG, Robbery & Homicide Unit of the Indianapolis Police Department. I have lived a looonnnggg and fun life. I am a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force - Military Police - Combat Defense Forces (Viet Nam). I have worked as an Executive Recruiter, Individual Trustee of a multi-million dollars private Trust for an Hungarian Nobleman, COUNT TASSILO SZECHENYI, a police officer, a Bail Bonds firm, and as Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami (Florida) Law firm which specialized in criminal defense. Ellie & I wrote "DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE" while I was still engaged with the law firm. Upon retiring from the law firm, I embarked on a new, and the most challenging career as an Author. I have chosen to write about what I know: Crimes, Murders, Mahem - based on actual cases on which I worked. I am happily divorced (did not deserve my former wife to begin with). I live in Miami Shores, Florida with my German Shepherd, Baron der Hunter III. I travel, mostly between Miami Shores and my former home in New York City. I enjoy music, Museums, History, Reading and writing my books. My novel; "THE JOCKEY'S JUSTICE" is based on a murder case I worked for the Law firm. It is a roller-coaster ride into the sleazy, underbelly of the Sport of Kings, Horse racing. It is available in E-Book format & soon to be released in Paperback. My latest release, "DAVID JANSSEN-Our Conversations" is now available in Softcover and E-book formats. Volume One-The Early Years abd Volume Two - The Final Years. This is my revelation of hundreds of conversations between David Janssen and I over the last fifteen years of his life. The reader, his Fans will hear David's point of view regarding his marriages, his loves, his drinking habits, his opinions of many of Hollywood's top Producers, Writers, Agents, Directors and "A-List

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