Mari Martins

São Paulo, Brazil

I've been in love with cinema, music, photography and all of ways of art since I came to this world. In 2008 I've done my first course into audiovisual area and then I realized that it was what I wanted for my life.

Actually, since I was child, I knew that I wanna make some difference in this world, but I didn't know how yet. Today, with 20 years old, I know that I gonna do this with my art.

If somebody asks me about my dream, I'll answer with no doubt: I wanna be a seeder! Yes, my real dream is seed ideas and emotions with my movies, making people think about it, agreeing or not with my point of view, but making discussions and reflexions, for the seed turns into a tree full of seeds with new ideas.

If you liked my profile, go ahead: send me a message and lets talk about dreams, movies, jobs and ideas.

  • Work
    • Content creator at Plaay
  • Education
    • Audiovisual production and animation at Centro Universitário Senac