Mark A. McKenney

CMS - Content Curation/Producer, Social Media, and Digital Marketing in Dallas, Texas

Mark's personal passion is communication: spa, skincare, medspa and all parts under the wellness umbrella. He works on various business projects and is a consummate connector of people both off and online. He writes reviews on spa, product and is digitally connected almost 24 hours a day - all from the center of the USA!

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For the the last seven years I have expanded my skills into digital Media and branded myself as a digital marketer. I have leveraged social media for content marketing curation with Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook to create an online persona named @MarktheSpaman that curates and creates content, promotes and writes about spa, med-spa, skincare, health, wellness products and services. I have worked the interactive digital field to expand on customer interaction and promoting your client's point of view using an editorial calendar and planned release of media to engage their audience. I have experience in CMS such as Alfresco and WordPress. I enjoy listening, monitoring and amplification of the message(s) but most important of all an arching strategy is needed along with a group effort in a warrior mentality to get your message out and business done!

A few past projects that I have worked on include: B2C & B2C - - B2B. I currently post and monitor for Salt Chamber Inc. and the Salt Therapy Association and just finished a three month project building 6 pages for 35+ countries in a CMS for!

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