Maryann Hesse

Small Business Owner in Tucson, Arizona

Hi, I’m Maryann Hesse, also known as the “Frisky Boomer”. I’m the Holistic Health and Vitality Specialist and Relational Dynamics Expert who helps you take back control of your life, achieve and maintain your healthiest weight, have plenty of energy for all your daily activities AND still create “steamy evenings” when you desire.

I became a reluctant student of health in my mid-30’s when I literally did not have the energy to stand up. I had to crawl to the bathroom. I had abused my body to the point of exhaustion trying to be everything to everyone and doing whatever I could to ‘numb out’ and keep going so I didn’t have to feel the emotional pain of a life based on other’s expectations and obligations.

This launched me into a journey of self-discovery and study of nutrition, fitness training, and energetic healing to regain my own radiant health which became an ongoing quest for the highest quality nutrition and the best longevity habits.

Since starting my Lifelong Wellness business in 2001, I’ve helped hundreds of women (and some men) quickly reduce their stress levels, have time to recharge without guilt, and effectively communicate what they need and want to loved ones for closer, more loving and harmonious relationships.

It hasn’t always been easy to give my body what it needs, especially when my brain is screaming DARK CHOCOLATE! But I firmly believe that we can all have Full Health and Vitality until the day we just aren’t here. And I’m totally committed to helping you have that as you enJOY the journey.

Whether working with me one-on-one or enjoying one of my "Fun, Fit and Fabulous over 50" workshops, women consistently experience relief from physical and emotional pain, relief from depression and anxiety, a better quality of uninterrupted sleep, increased productivity and focus, and more energy consistently throughout the day. AND they involuntarily smile more!

My motto: “Whatever you are Not Changing, You Are Choosing!”

If you have the desire and are ready to Change something in YOUR life, then let’s talk.

Email me at hessemaryann @ (delete the spaces when sending your email) for a complimentary 45 minute ‘Vitality Checkup’. We’ll have ‘tea and conversation’ via phone or Skype. You can tell me more about your situation and I’ll recommend some practical resources to help you go forward to achieve what you desire.

People say that I'm the “Frisky Boomer” who makes aging gracefully lo