Michelle "Chaella" Boddie

Visual Artist, Websites Entrepreneur, and Christmas Decor Stager-Stylist in Atlanta, GA

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Believes Christ Jesus loves every human - John 3:16

Fan of Cartoons/Animation, French Chateaux & luxe Log Cabins

Websites Entrepreneur, Solutionist, Designer & Back-end Editor

Christmas Stylist/Stager/Decorator a.k.a Tree Trimmer


Visual Artist & Decorative Painter

In addition to the interests listed below (as tags), I am interested in:

real estate/home staging

interior decorating

decorative painting (furniture)

flower gardening

textile design

aircraft design, (I admire each design field, really; architectural design to website design)

baking (gluten-free) and

growing vegetables, nuts, and fruit at home

More of my favorites are:







Disney and Pixar animation

the F-14

the Jaguar MK2


French furniture and


I appreciate:

the beauty of trees, deciduous and evergreen

each season when it arrives (and dream of snowy December vacations in a luxe stone and log cabin at a beautiful forest-surrounded estate)

I think butterflies are gorgeous and wonderful, yet I will run from them so that they do not land on me (it's silly fun and doing so makes me smile and laugh at myself).

I enjoy:

collecting beautiful rocks, stones, pebbles (the inner landscaper at work, I guess) and pine cones

creating unusual paint designs on pottery

creating unique, fragrant blends of essential oils and nut butters to use for my body and hair

blogging about other entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and other business people to promote their goods and services

blogging about real estate topics and properties

blogging about whatever I appreciate, favor and/or like

Thank-you for visiting my page!

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