D-Pad Doc / Neomysterion Prime

Shiny Wonder Trader, Reverse GTS Host, and All-Around Junkie in Rhode Island

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I am not a content creator nor a streamer my own self. I am a mysterious figure who enjoys sending out Battle Ready Shinies and Legendaries at people's Wonder Trade streams. Tweet at me at @DPadDoc if you want Shinies and Power to be sent at your Wonder Trade stream.


Name: Carlo, but no one ever calls me by my actual real name. Everyone knows me as The Doctor, D-Pad Doc, Neomysterion, or The Plushie Ultimatum et al

Age: 28 (Born April 18, 1992)

Gender: Genderless (yes, really)

Occupation: Shiny Wonder Trader, Reverse GTS-er, connoisseur of ancient evil alien artifacts, Twitch Lurker, and connoisseur of ancient evil alien artifacts

Interests: Pokémon, Kirby, Neopets, Red Green Show, all things anime, retro and vintage gaming, Wonder Trading goodies to others, and ancient evil alien artifacts

Friends/Associates: Various people on the Twitter, YouTube, Twitch Pokémon communities, Neopets fan communities et al.

Enemies/Rivals: Snooty and notorious scumlords who own admittedly private clubs, various certain hypocrites, and particular 24/7 bot streamers.

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