Nichole Lesniak

I consider myself to be a multi-hyphenate. Wife. Mother. Teacher. Writer. Some days I'm more of one than the others, but there are no other roles I'd rather play.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for nearly 4 years now, and I feel like the adventure has only just begun. We have a 2-year old <strike>terror</strike> son who is the real king of our castle. And while these 2 handsome men are the center of my world, I do have outside interests! I am a teacher both by trade and by passion. I teach HS English (10th grade - EEK!) and despite the (daily) challenges, I am one of the lucky ones who truly loves her job. Aside from my "day job" I am an aspiring writer and attempt to write in a variety of venues. I am working (slowly but surely) on a novel, but in the meantime I do what everyone does - blog! I have my own blog about my life and observations of life in general, but I also write for an MMA blog ( and I blog about weight loss for my local "news patch" (

I also just completed my Master's of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, and would someday love to earn my PhD....when I find time. I'm a busy lady, dontcha know!