Nishant Katare

Student, Consultant, and Designer in Delhi, India

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Where? When? Why? How? What? These are still the things I want to find answers to in while completing my journey from Womb to Tomb whilst attaining Nirvana in life. Salvation, as I understand is a continous process, you get XPs while simply practicing silence, bettering every time you learn something, nearing the purity at inner peace.

We don't know what is the future bringing for us! Where we land up? Is there a heaven? Hell, we don't know if it exists. You see life is all about living; enjoying to the fullest, forgiving the past, loving the present & attaining highest levels of wisdom through vivid caring & selfless sharing.

I love, therefore I do. Plain & Simple. From the heart. Though the ink, & internet of course.

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