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Overcomers International Ministry (OIM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the filling of spiritual and physical needs. Demonstrating the love of Christ, OIM presents:

OIM Food Pantry:

The OIM Food Pantry is blessing families who aren't able to make ends meet. The food pantry is working ona first-come, first-serves basis to help thos in need.

Family Corner:

The Family Corner provides furniture, clothes and household items to needy families. The Business Boutique, a subdivision of The Family Corner, provides clothes for those seeking employment who have no way to get clothes on their own.

Honey Baby Baskets:

Our Honey Baby Basket Program is geared towards expectant mothers and even covers fathers if they're the single parent. The baskets we present to said parent(s) are handmade, ready to be presented at church to the parents.

Adopt- the- Family

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Christmas Food Baskets & Gifts

Overcomers International Ministry is perpetually in fundraising mode: we are always accepting donations. To give, send a check or go to www.oimco.org to donate. Thank you and God bless you!!

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