Paula Jackson

Social Impact Education Start-ups in Berlin, Germany

Paula Jackson

Social Impact Education Start-ups in Berlin, Germany

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My name is Paula Laurel Jackson and I am an educational consultant, writer and social entrepreneur passionate about inspiring individuals to use their skills towards social good.

I call myself a Jamericanidadian, which reflect the heritage of my parents and birthplace. I began my career as a concert pianist and chamber musician then transitioned into Education. I am convinced that education is power and the key to solving many of societies inequities and much of my work, with Governmental agencies, NGOs or schools has reflected this belief.

After working with the Varkeys Foundation on issues related to Global Cultural Education, I spent the past year travelling as a volunteer mentoring to young individuals in the Caribbean and Africa and helping them to address problems within their communities and craft viable solutions. I also worked closely with companies and assisted them in creating their CSR policies, providing them with a link between the company and their communities. I also had the pleasure of working closely with Investors in projects with social impact and

My vision is to:

1. contribute towards a world within which social inequity no longer exists and

2. Inspire an education system where pupils are empowered; can hone their innate skills and talents to the fullest and where learning in based on an understanding that everyone on this planet is all inextricably linked.

I studied International and Comparative Education at the University of Oxford (MSc), competed an MPhil in Education at the University of Cambridge and completed my doctoral degree at the University of London at the Institute of Education where I focused on Innovation and Creativity in Education.

I have worked as a consultant in various organisations. My work has spanned creating research agendas to crafting educational reform efforts and creating schools.

My interest in social entrepreneurship began with ArtPals; an arts project initiated in Nambia dedicated to children’s creative expressions of their life. The expressions formed the content for a ravelling gallery and exchange where children in various countries shred their lives with their peers around the globe.

The start-up scene in Berlin inspired my decision to create my own edu-tech company with the aim of enabling young individuals under 16 to share their skills and ideas with each other.

I am passionate about mentoring young individuals who are interested in starting their own social venture.