Polly Morton

San Francisco, California, United States

Since January 2011, Polly Morton has served as the Head of Strategic Projects for Reputation.com, Inc., a leading provider of personalized reputation services to manage individuals’ online presences. Prior to her work with Reputation.com, Polly Morton served as a Private Equity Research Analyst with Hall Capital Partners LLC from 2008 to 2010. During her time with Hall Capital Partners, Polly Morton fulfilled a number of duties, including conducting due diligence on numerous investment opportunities, facilitating the development of insights into research for the benefit of the company, and serving as a key point of contact for investment agreements between the firm and other parties. She focused her efforts on covering venture capital managers across all investment stages and maintained a particular interest in seed and early stage investing. Before serving the company as a Private Equity Research Analyst, Polly Morton worked as a Portfolio Management Analyst. Utilizing these skills and her desire to play an integral role in growing a company, Polly Morton took on operational responsibilities and joined Reputation.com.

Additionally, Polly Morton gained crucial experience in administrative management, research analysis, and the finance industry through an internship at RBS Greenwich Capital and as a Sales Representative for ServiceSource, a seller of hardware and software maintenance contracts. Polly Morton graduated from Colgate University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and French. While a student at Colgate, she earned the Deans’ Award for Academic Excellence all four years. In her free time, Polly Morton enjoys traveling, playing tennis, cooking, and sampling fine wines, among other activities. Currently a resident of San Francisco, California, Polly Morton also speaks fluent French.

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