Richard Cole

Born in London, England, Richard Cole has always had an ear for music enjoying many styles, such as Classical, Pop, Metal, R/B, Funk, Punk and World Music.

Richard first began gigging with eccentric named bands, such as Wandering Spirit, Flying Colours and Zed. He then went on to tour throughout Europe with The Mannish Boys. Then with the help of Rolling Stones producer and friend Jimmy Miller Richard came to the United States to record an Album and tour the East Coast.

Richard has made many creative contributions to music projects and events over the years. He enjoyed playing Bass with Boston's legendary Royal Pimps, the West Coast female duo The Syrens, Los Angeles rockers Revolutionary Love Army and Santa Barbara's Original world music ensemble Dreamtime Continuum.

Apart from his musical talents as a bassist, Richard is also a world traveller and Tai Ji Quan martial artist, currently living in Ashland, Oregon. He now plays with many bands including Jen Ambrose Band, Teri Cote Band, Montana Soul, Bishop Mayfield Band, Web of One. He is also excited to be continuing his creative journey playing Spirit inspired Kirtan music with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda and the Saraswati Dream Band.