Richard Nalezynski

Buffalo, NY

You found me!

Welcome to what can best be described as a digital hub that represents my online persona.

Here you'll discover exactly what I have intended for you to find. Consider this a collection of snippets that represent the real estate I consume on the Internet.

While I absolutely encourage you to continue to dig through and find out more about me, I will caution that what is here is only a sliver of who I truly am. That is intentional.

The only thing I can assure you is that I am best understood and appreciated in person, possibly over coffee or while enjoying a walk. But then again, if you've had the opportunity of experiencing that for yourself, you wouldn't need to try to find out more about me, now would you?

Still I understand the need for an online presence, so I hope this satisfies your curiosity. If you truly would like to get in touch, you'll find the neans to do so. I do ask that if you have any ill intentions or judgements about how I choose to represent myself, please just do us both a favor and click away.

No matter what, I hope you found what you were looking for.