Romeo DiBattista Jr.

President and CEO and Entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Romeo DiBattista an entrepreneur within the real estate industry. While he is a seasoned professional, he has adopted forward-thinking technologies and procedures into each of his workplaces. His adaptive attitude is the cornerstone of his companies' innovation, bringing better solutions to these industries.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. is the president and CEO of Brovi Investments Limited. In his leadership role with the real estate investments group, he manages a portfolio that includes commercial, industrial, and retail properties.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. is also the CEO of ALRO Strategic Investors Inc, a global private equity firm focused on a collaborative approach to transform companies and or projects in achieving their long term goals. ALRO works with management to develop and implement strategies that leverage ALRO's existing operational and financial resources, while always working as one team, achieving one goal.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. has always been a fan of food. Since he was a child, he has been excited to see the newest food creations coming from his family’s kitchen. Growing up in an Italian family, Romeo was able to experience the best homemade Italian cuisine you could find. Even to this day, Italian food remains one of his favorite kinds of cuisine.

Now that he’s grown, food still remains one of Romeo’s biggest passions. He loves to try out new restaurants in Toronto and around the world. Some of Romeo’s favorite foods include steak, lobster, and pasta. He hopes to be able to travel and try new local cuisines that he is unfamiliar with.

In his free time, Romeo enjoys giving back to his community or pursuing hobbies such as boating, skiing, four-wheeling, and more.

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