Romeo DiBattista Jr.

President and CEO and Entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Romeo DiBattista Jr. is an entrepreneur within the recycling and real estate industries. While he is a seasoned professional, he has adopted forward-thinking technologies and procedures into each of his workplaces. His adaptive attitude is the cornerstone of his companies' innovation, bringing better solutions to these industries.

Romeo has maintained employment in the environmental sector for more than 11 years. He currently holds the position of president and CEO of the Recycling Depot. In addition to growing the company's revenue, he has overseen the company's international contacts. Romeo also maintains oversight into the various workings of his plant, making sure it operates safely and efficiently.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. balances his responsibilities at the Recycling Depot with leadership as president and CEO of Brovi Investments Limited. In his leadership role with the real estate investments group, he manages a portfolio that includes commercial, industrial, and retail properties.

Prior to this, Romeo worked in investment banking. In his free time, he enjoys giving back to his community or pursuing hobbies such as boating, skiing, four-wheeling, and more.

When not pursuing his career or hobbies, Romeo DiBattista Jr. loves to educate others on recycling, keeping the environment healthy, and real estate development. Romeo also loves to help others get involved in their community. It is important to Romeo to give back to those who are less fortunate, and he frequently encourages those around him to do the same.

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