Sharron Peters

Sharron Peters is a Northwester Washingtonian Christian Homemaker. A fast pased middle child, homeschooled most of her life, graduated a year early, and married at the young age of nineteen. Her husband, Chris, is a hardworking plus an overworked man, and they now have two beautiful girls Jaylenn who is two years and Adreanna who is five months. Sharron is the youth minister at their home church and is also in the process of starting her own part time home business through AdvoCare. With her love of God and the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) program, Sharron is devoted to pray and studying daily. Sharron treasures the relationships she has with friends and family and enjoys get-together. As for her personality she true and loyal, loving and kind, and a little out of the ordinary, is how many describer her. Sharron always takes pleasure in the small things in life, while finding the invitation on a group hiking trip irresistible, alongside any of her simple hobbies of drawing, cooking, and photography.