Salma El-Khamy

Life Coach, Copywriter, and Writer in Cairo Governorate, Egypt

I'm a heavenly free soul, living on earth, who is passionate to help others discover their free souls. I'm a writer by nature, I'm also a Life Coach, and I would love to help. :)

Although I have studied computer engineering, I'm not a techie. I believe in the power of words; so I'm currently working as a freelance copywriter.I also have passion towards people, which I have discovered since I previously worked as a workshop moderator at ACES'11 ( Then, I once again followed what my heart truly desires when I got certified as an NLP Master Practitioner from the European Community for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (

I have been through some hardships lately; I have stayed for so long in a down state and I just didn't know how to pull myself up. Until I sought help by taking life coaching sessions. The sessions were no more than sincere conversations that were designed with the purpose to help me help myself. These sessions transformed my life, made me know my true self, empowered me, and enlightened me. Now, that I have changed, I would love to repay these blessings by helping others help themselves.

I give life coaching sessions to those who need to resolve the conflicts that keep looping in their heads, who need to discover more about themselves, and who want to start leading a better and a happier life. I will be doing this based on the fact that I am now officially a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

**Note: If you'd like to understand better what an NLP Master Practitioner is, please check this link:

I aim at getting the best out of those who seek my help. I'm a helper and a peacemaker; I want to leave the people I meet happier and more satisfied. I want to be remembered as someone who made a difference.

I'm just starting my career, and hopefully my dream.

I know that one day I'll publish my own books, one day I'll be a famous Life Coach. And one day I'll have my own library.

My life's motto: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

Having thoughtful conversations with people is my pleasure. I would love to tell you more about how I have changed, and how I help others the same way I have been helped. Leave me a message, and allow us to help each other.

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