Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos

Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos


Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos (*22.Januar.1987 Greece, District Drama, official name Stefanos Sidiropoulos) is a Greek writer and author of numerous writings, and he lives in Germany. Is one of the few Greek authors in Germany who contribute literature and language education in ancient Greek. He is a draftsman and artist who brought in short time many Artbooks on the market. These Artbooks enjoy today a worldwide distribution.


His father was an electrical engineer and served two years the army of Greek. Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos was born on 22 January, in the year 1987. 1988 the family emigrated to Germany. Child and mother (a qualified secondary school graduates in Economics and Business Engineering) found themselves in a new country because the father finds by his father (an immigrant worker of first generation) a job in a large company. The family had no easy life in Germany because her Greek diplomas were not recognized by the authorities. But his parents have learned very quickly the German language, and have worked very hard, so that they can become to respectable taxpayers.

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