Jayshaun James (Nagamasa Jazai)

Orlando, FL

I'm just a Regular, Everyday, Normal Guy. I know Gaming like the inside of my Mother's Womb, I aspire Entrepenuership, and I will soon take YouTube by the Bra and Panties.

I get around; from YouTube, to Twitter, Twitch to PSN and BEYOND! And my rather "different" views on Life will ultimately make or break your perception of me. But should we become cool, you will have MUCH more than a Friend, you will have a Brother.

Primetime Gamer, aspiring YouTuber, and self proclaimed Black Xingba. I take my Doujin - Vanilla-flavored and my Games - DRM free. (hold the SGWW too.)

I am James (or Jasper) of the Renegade Squadron Normandy, and it's a pleasure to meet you!

  • Work
    • None
  • Education
    • High School Student