Paul Newman

I am a professional dog trainer with over 20 years experience. I am nationally accredited through PetSmart and Penn Foster University. I'm now holding classes in Porter, OK or in your home. (Eastern OK only) I am also pursuing a degree as a canine behaviorist. I teach basic, intermediate and advanced obedience, tricks, agility, scent tracking, and schutzhund style defense. Puppy/Beginner classes are starting soon and filling up quickly! Each 6 week class will teach your dog watch me, sit, associating the clicker, sit for greeting, loose leash walking, take it, leave it, drop it, down, socialization with people and dogs, come when called, stay, shake and more. Plus, you will learn several games that you can play with your dog to make him more intelligent and reliable! Intermediate and advanced classes teach many new behaviors and train your dog to work on distractions, distance and duration. I also offer private sessions to deal with behavior problems and special needs. I give lectures on the correct way to potty train your pup with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! The time for a well-trained dog is today! In the Eastern Oklahoma area call (918) 519-0878 and ask for Paul. I also boarder your dog while you are on vacation (and he gets trained while you relax).

Be sure to visit my blog site below for many helpful tips and advice to help you enjoy a happier, healthier and more bonded relationship with your canine best friend! For my students, you will find many articles to complement the behaviors that we go over in class. Visit often as I update the site every few days.