Splash And Relax

Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Splash and Relax are a West Sussex based outdoor leisure products retailer, providing swimming pools, hot tubs, decking, fencing and much more for sale online.

For the summer, our range of hot tubs is one of the most extensive available online, with competitive pricing whether you're looking to buy a cheap portable tub for a few days throughout the year; or a quality more permanent garden hot tub for more regular use with friends and family - We have prices and packages to suit.

Throughout the year, some of our most freuqently sold products and most popular ranges, is our stock of multi games tables, which are tabletop games with reversible sides often featuring pool on one side, and table tennis or an air hockey table on the other.

Free delivery is available for products over £50, with delivery across the UK.

Extensive range of winter products also available, including sledges and toboggans.