Stu Packer

Actor, Storytelling Coach, and Facilitator in England, United Kingdom

Stu Packer

Actor, Storytelling Coach, and Facilitator in England, United Kingdom

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What do you do? Oh man, when people ask me that i mostly want to say, "i make pigeon holes". At this point in the journey i 'do' many things though i hesitate to call myself anything....

Storytelling Coach | Storyteller - As well as telling tales (usually my own and 'in the moment'), I love Applied Storytelling - as a Storytelling Coach I use Storytelling Techniques and Personal Stories to connect, improve soft skills and gain confidence in many varied settings; children, disadvantaged adults and Older People being my faves. Courage, compassion and connection are present in my stories, with massive dollops of humour chucked in. Stand-up Storytelling? I'm up for it! Let's take a risk together....

Facilitator - This gig is my 'I-got-into-this-by-accident' vocation. In my workshops I coach Storytelling, Confidence in the Spoken Word, Public Speaking, Transition and Change, Presentation & Communication Skills and Speech Coaching. Lovely folk to work with, and for, include: Truth.Works. and Zomi Communications

Connect: Transform: Heal:

Actor - Represented by fab Patrick Management - I have been Houdini, a Viking in Hong Kong and a stand-in for the bushy-haired muttering Wizard in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Plus more. So much

Voice Overs - The voice of The Simpsons, Series 4 ident, on Channel 4. I'd rather not condone (with my voice or otherwise) any corporations with unethical policies and behaviours who disregard people, animals and the planet. Everyone else, you're cool.... Listen here…

Radio Producer - yeah! I produced and co-wrote two mini series for the BBC. Eddie Green and Poppy's Play Dates can be heard on CBeebies Radio

I am a bone fide inter dimensional wizard

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