Suzen Sam

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I began my creative journey in the 1980's with a foundation in the painting & drawing followed by new media studies in film, video, animation and McLuhan's Media theory. In the early 1980's, when the personal computer was taking the world by storm, I was attending Emily Carr College of Art & Design in Vancouver. The art world was first to be disrupted by computer technology - by the Mac, icons & computer graphics. Having read Kevin Kelly's "New Rules for the New Economy" I began the wait for the "convergence of computers, video and telecommunications" recongized today as the Web 2.0/You Tube/Smartphone environment. It was around this time that I also fell in love with the idea of Informaiton Architecture.

After my Classical Animation studies in 1997 I submitted an interface design built in FLASH to the first Saatchi & Saatchi Award for Innovation in Communications and received a letter from the judges, who included the likes of Laurie Anderson, Dr. Edward de Bono and Richard Saul Wurman requesting that I secure a patent on my design to create "shopping avatars."

By 1999 I was doing website sales in Toronto as I have that rare combination of design, technical and sales skills. After the "bubble burst" I was tossed from virtual space back into the "real world" where I sold commodities like wholesales roses and bamboo flooring while I waited for the web to re-invent itself again. While doing sales for various employees I explored and analyzed how the businesses I worked for were using technology to further their sales and marketing efforts by integrating their website design, databases, CMS and social media into their sales and marketing tactics, In 2009 I started my own practice as a Social Media Consutant. I returned to my home province of Alberta in 2011 . Social Media guru Brian Solis in his book "What is the Future of Business", speaks of a future that combines Strategy, Informaiton Architecture and Design to create the ultimate User Expereince.This is the vision I am pursuing a vision that I call Social UX.

  • Work
    • Chief Imagination Officer
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    • Masters of Business Imagination