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Patient Health Advocate/Activist and Writer-Blogger in Michigan

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I love God, my family & my fur baby! I'm an Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation, Patient Health Advocate, Mentor for newly DX CRPS patients, Blogger, & a freelance writer. I enjoy graphics, photography and videography. I used to be an Interpreter for the Deaf at a University hospital & a school system. I was injured in a MVA in 2002 & suffered a TBI, along with multiple injuries & surgeries. I'm H.H. with moderate (R) to Severe (L) hearing loss. I'm fluent in ASL (American Sign Language) & I enjoy doing ASL covers of songs at my YOUTUBE channel I have founded "ASL Express" on Facebook, to teach & share my love for ASL.

I'm a Chronic pain patient & I spread awareness & advocate for people like myself. I'm a Mentor & guest blogger for RSDSA. Writing is a passion of mine as well as blogging. In 2016, I became a Author for National Pain Report. My own Blog is called: "Tears Of Truth"

Since 1999, I've been permanently disabled & s/p a MVA in '02, I suffered a TBI with vision problems & Hearing loss (moderate (L)/severe (R) & I acquired 2 hearing aids. I also acquired several High Chronic Pain illnesses, such as: C.V.I.D., Gastroparesis, S.I.B.O., Gastritis, Autonomic Neuropathy, D.D.D., Chiari I, Dysautonomia/POTS, Polyneuropathy in Collagen Vascular Disease (EDS-4/Vascular), Prinzmetal Angina, Long QT syndrome & S.S.S. & a pacemaker.

I have had 8 surgeries, an M.I. & CVA. I was DX with RSD/CRPS in '07. In 2013 I was DX with "Full body/systemic CRPS" s/p a heart surgery in 2013. I'm a survivor! I use the pain to try and do good & I have gained knowledge from it. I'm Founder/admin. of several support groups for Chronic Pain & CRPS. One of the online groups is an International CRPS support group!I was certified via the U.S. Pain Foundation, in July '17 to lead an "in person" Chronic pain support group.

Lastly, I volunteer for "Chemo-angels", (a non-profit org. that supplies volunteer "angels" *(like me); and I'm a Patient Leader for WEGO Health.

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