Student, Musician, and Artist in South Africa


Student, Musician, and Artist in South Africa

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[Recording Artist - PE x EL, South Africa]

Unsigned artist and music producer TSK who forms part of the next generation of hip/hop artists emerging from the coastal area of East London South Africa, brings high energy trap music with an occasional left-field ambient-melodic twist. He merges the best of every contour within the hip/hop genre with lyrics that have the urgency of an upcoming artist.

TSK is a refreshing burst of energy from the rap music scene in the Eastern Cape who's lyrics, turn to become catchy and relate-able phrases which can be found in his recent offerings of "I CAN NEVER LOSE" and "STEEZ", tracks that came out at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

The young artist allows fans to dictate what the songs are about with a writing style that seems to not have a point of reference or traditional chorus-verse structure, rather a continuous journey of chord progression and changes which surprising with their suddenness and spontaneous nature.

TSK continuously works with local and international artists some of which make a different genre of music all together, giving testament to his "unboxed" demeanor as an artist.

BLUWATERSOUND is the music outlet he established 2014 with his earlier works featuring tracks that addressed political, social and philosophical themes which remain are large part of the content in more recent works. Project after project he proves that he is definitely an a Rapper/Producer to keep your eyes on... Check out the latest track on soundcloud - "WAV"



INSTAGRAM: tsk_steez