ABA Paralegal Instructor 30 yrs -- Teaching Expert

Tehachapi, CA

ABA Paralegal Instructor 30 yrs -- Teaching Expert

Tehachapi, CA

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(Contract) Paralegal for Lawyers 47 years - Kern County LDA # 131 for Pro Per's

also worked with two U.S. Presidential Law Firms

Award-winning Orange County Paralegal Teacher of the Year

Family Law│Wills & Living Trusts │Guardianships │Adoptions│Landlord Evictions│ Motions to Lift Automatic Stay │ Conservatorships │Small Estate Transfers w/o Probate│Quiet Title Actions│

Worked as Major Law Firm Paralegal with: Manatt-Phelps (Pres. Clinton's Law Firm), West Los Angeles -- Adams-Duque (Pres. Nixon's Law Firm), Downtown LA -- Borton-Petrini, Bakersfield;

Paralegal Instructor, Emeritus, 30 yrs at West LA College, and Co-Founder of American Bar Association-Approved Paralegal Studies Program at West LA College.


"She's A California Legal Legend" (So they say. Thanks "Super Lawyer" Mitch Jackson!)

"I suggest taking Barbara Reynolds' paralegal classes. She's experienced in all facets of the legal field. Her expertise & experience helped many new and experienced paralegals interpret & apply the law appropriately. Her knowledge & problem solving strategies are incredible. She is a Master. I have personally gained knowledge from her & recommend others to do so." -- Tina Brogna, Paralegal

"@Teachblade You have an amazing analytical mind!" -- Alabama Capital Murders Defense Attorney Richard Jaffe

"What you do is a great service to the legal community. Any Bar Passers or Paralegals would be doing themselves a great justice for their future to touch bases with you." -- Arizona Criminal & DUI Defense Lawyer, James Novak

"@teachblade – it is always a good day to quash a garnishment and an even better day after a great Paralegal makes you think.” -- MI Bankr Attorney, Rachel Foley

"I became so impressed with her insight & impressions of the law & needs of a lawyer I picked up the phone, called & introduced myself. I can easily see why her 47+ years as a litigation paralegal & teacher make her such a valuable asset to many top law firms across So. California". Personal Injury Litigator, CA Super Lawyer, Mitch Jackson

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    • Member, American Association of University Women (AAUW)