Law and Critical Thinking Skills Instructor, Litigation Paralegal

Paralegal in Tehachapi, CA

Law and Critical Thinking Skills Instructor, Litigation Paralegal

Paralegal in Tehachapi, CA

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TEACHBLADE - A Social Media Legal Brand - and Expert Content Producer of ThinkLAD Critical Thinking Skills and Litigation Paralegal at Tehachapi Court Services.

USC, UCLA, UWLA Law School

Website: (Critical Thinking Skills Lectures)

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#QDRO #Paralegal to Family Law Attorneys, "CFLS", and Former Litigation Paralegal to ERISA Author, David L. Bacon, Esq., of Adams-Duque.

ABA-Law Teacher 30 yrs Emeritus, will teach Any Student the 3-Step-Critical-Thinking-Metric authored and taught for 30 years

REFERENCE: Hawaii Attorney Mike Goodman, Hawaii State Homeless Project, Hawaii State Legislature, (, Teachblade's former Honors Paralegal Student - turned Honors Paralegal at the Hawaii State Attorney General's Office - turned Attorney for Hawaii State Legislature.


"She's A California Legal Legend", says "Super Lawyer" Mitch Jackson!)

"@Teachblade You have an amazing analytical mind!" -- Alabama Capital Murders Defense Attorney Richard Jaffe

"What you do is a great service to the legal community. Any Bar Passers or Paralegals would be doing themselves a great justice for their future to touch bases with you." -- Arizona Criminal & DUI Defense Lawyer, James Novak

"@teachblade – it is always a good day to quash a garnishment and an even better day after a great Paralegal makes you think.” -- Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney, Rachel Foley

"I became so impressed with her insight & impressions of the law & needs of a lawyer I picked up the phone, called & introduced myself. I can easily see why her 47+ years as a litigation paralegal & teacher make her such a valuable asset to many top law firms across So. California". Personal Injury Litigator, CA Super Lawyer, Mitch Jackson

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