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Austin, TX


TellAPathy minimizes the barriers between patients and their mental health providers. Unlike any other mental health teleconferencing service,TellAPathy provides a unique toolset that includes tele-conferencing available from any platform & self reporting component to capture the data between te therapy sessions.

Customer problem:

In the focused are here in the United States current mentalhealth services are being provided face-to-face office sessions, which create a series of issues to include but not limited to; Time Management, Access,Opportunity, Logistics and the Stigma of seeking mental health. As a result, up to30% of patients miss their appointments. It more importantly provides a more rounded understanding of the patient by the mental health professional.


Terry L Likens

I have 15+ years in Information Technology primarily supporting technology at the user interface. My passion is to make technology easier for users to use. Specifically, to assist in their mental health care and treatment, using video teleconferencing and self reporting to be implemented along side a face to face office visit.

What I have discovered is that there is data that is being ignored by by the current offerings. I believe this data is what will change the current delivery of mental health services that effect diagnosis such as Relationship Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol dependency, Drug Dependency, Bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive, PTSD and other disorders and illnesses.