Ticia Verveer m.a. (LEIDEN UNIVERSITY)

Archaeologist, Journalist, and author in Nederland

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I have over 18 years of excavation experience in the Middle East,Sahel,and North Africa.

My principal research interests lie in the Bronze Age of the Levant with a particular focus on religious studies, cult, ritual (violence), identity, and (armed) conflict. I study religiously framed (armed) conflict in wider social, economic and political contexts, especially within the formation of religious, cultural and ethnic identities. I have a special focus on the cultural, social and literary histories of religion and ancient religions. The Near East was a multicultural region with a great variety of social, linguistic, ethnic and religious groups. I study how urbanization affects the construction of identity and what new identities came into existence because of urbanization processes. I further examine the relation between place- identity, conflict, and coexistence. Professional interests lie in archaeobotany, ancient environments, osteology, physical anthropology, the ritual use of the body, and funerary archaeology. With additional research interests in ancient textiles.

Contributor to The New York Jewish Week, and The Times of Israel blog, the largest online newspaper covering Israel, the region, and the Jewish world.

I am currently working on a book.

I am researching the impact of women's participation in militarism, war, peacemaking, peacekeeping,post-conflict recovery, and security efforts, in the past and present.

I have lived and worked for extended periods in several countries, including Spain, Israel, Italy, Egypt, France, Poland, U.K., and Morocco. My professional career (besides archaeology) spans a wide spectrum of activities, including entrepreneurship, raising awareness on maternal mortality as a public-health concern, advovate for women's access to education and health services to battle extremism, promotion of women's empowerment to halt the spread of violent extremism, radicalization, counterterrorism, and advanced aviation security.

Maternal Health Ambasssador for Global Fund for Women, one of the world’s leading foundations for gender equality, standing up for the human rights of women and girls.

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