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Musician in Canada

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Meet The Undisputed "410LGND"! Hip Hop's First Cyborg Super-Producer. The only "Timmy NoHeart" ; Supreme Leader of the #Heartcamp . .Discover the "410 LGND" for yourself.

Timmy NoHeart is a young musician specializing in Instrumental Composition, Sound Design, Audio Engineering as well as Songwriting for himself and others.

The TNH Experience is not the type of entertainment experience one can fully digest in a single or instrumental. It is sure to be filled with surprised and eccentric outbursts that will surely cause an uproar.

You can be sure to have your expectations utterly romanced and violated in the same breath.

Music is the universal language. I seek to speak my truth over the drums and not only enlighten my listeners and fanbase but build a community that finds strength in the collective. A collective rooted in the strength of family that empowers the weak to become morally conscious, Outstanding Leaders &/of THE future of the very music culture we've learned to LOVE & accept into our lives.

As brand ambassador & founder of the "HeartCamp" , I welcome you to share time and space with a legend . We are growing and becoming legendary together.

Hailing from the 410, TNH exhibits his genius in an elusive fashion, but wherever you see TNH, he will always have good news and a cheerful spirit.

Feel free to contact me, say hi, or inquire about working together. Shoot me an email !! :+)

We're all creating history! I believe in US!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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