Trey Briggs

Writer, Small Business Owner, and Social Media Manager in Atlanta, Georgia

Trey Briggs

Writer, Small Business Owner, and Social Media Manager in Atlanta, Georgia

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Every story is a chance to scream. And I mean really scream, hold your head back and shake the clouds with your words. We’re all wrapped in the obsession of day to day life but the escape is in the tale. What are you? Who are you? How long have you been that way and how long are you going to continue?

I’m Trey Briggs and I am a teller of stories.

More than that, I am a writer. Just the act of putting pen to paper, fingers to keys and words to a screen exposes my teeth. Making characters that bleed, cry, inspire, disappoint, love, maim, and just thoroughly enjoy the human experience in general is what I do. It’s not a calling as much as it’s the only thing I truly love to participate in and the only skill I truly enjoy at any given time. I can turn a story into an epic into a life and I do it well.

Words just suit me.

Professionally, I’m amazing at making you sound better, making your words pop out and your interests shine. If it’s actual engaging content that you need, I am your woman. And I like to inspire, whether through blogs or speech or just general conversation, so you’re always welcomed to write to me if you need a pick-me-up.

We’re all amazing. Whether you’re a hard worker who is trying desperately to make sense of time management, a loving dreamer who will always be more interested in romance than labor or a student who just needs a chance, we’re all hoping to be heard. I love being the person to hear and to translate what needs to be said into any written form possible.

We’re all characters. Let’s make a story.

On a personal note...

You could stare at me for hours and find a new person in each blink. I'm a firm believer in carrying on, glaring when a glare is deserved and smiling like your life was made of teeth. Ambiguity plagues me and maybe, just maybe, I'm not the same person you were talking to yesterday on the phone.

I may be someone different tomorrow in your text messages.

And I'm always something indescribable when you're trying to prove you know me to friends.

Life is amazing. Let's live!!

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