Trey Briggs

Writer and Social Media Manager in Birmingham, Alabama

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I spend a lot of time thinking about writing. Every now and then I stop working, or running around with sarcastic boys, or sighing. Every now and then I stop and I sit down at my l-shaped desk (the cheap kind instead of the nice authentic cherry wood one I wanted) and I write something. It's usually uninspired and all over the place.

It's usually full of my best ideas, scattered.

I obviously think I'm a writer. I'm easily bored. I'm constantly in a fantasy world. When I'm being a normal human being, I run a Content Marketing business. When I'm being myself, I'm the mother of an autistic pile of gorgeousness and a snarky ten year old.

Maybe one day I'll be a novelist. A cult classic. Maybe I'll get all these words and ideas and sounds together in my head and do a collab with the smell of old paper.

Who knows.

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