Tyson Young

Pocatello, ID

My Name is Tyson Young and I am an aspiring Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Author. I branch out into the arts to try and portray my emotions in the best way. I started piano in 2000, and began singing in 2003. My friend and I formed Fake Safety Tips in early 2006. Together we worked on recording an EP in 2009 which was officially released in 2010. We are working on an official LP to be released late 2013. I have also started a side project band to test out different recording styles and sounds to accumulate more skills for a more accomplished LP.

In 1999 I began to study some forms of art, and moved into a more modern Japanese drawing style. From there my form began to alter and I occassionally do artistic work from here to there, but more for a hobby than anything official.

I began to work on a novel idea with my sister in 2003, and the idea has been blooming ever since. I took over the project in late 2005 and have been the sole worker since. I have nearly 7 chapters complete with over 70,000 written words on the novel. I hope to have it completed by December of 2014.

I am currently twenty-five years old, and reside in Pocatello Idaho. It is a rather small city and I feel smothered. I have been happily married for over three years. Feel free to add me on the various links below and I will be more than happy to add you back.

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