Ugie Tindal-Kirkpatrick, PhD

Dr. Ugie Kirkpatrick, is a professional counselor and inner image consultant, who has touched the lives of many diverse audiences nationally and internationally. She has also preached in many churches throughout the country with great power and demonstration, and walks in a sign gift ministry that is God ordained. A member of the Sacred College of Bishops ( UFCCM), the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, the American Psychological Association, she provides inspirational and motivational seminars and workshops and is dedicated to empowering participants to create spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health in their lives. As managing partner with Universal Asset Solutions LLC, Dr. Kirkpatrick provides consultant services to enhance the financial and educational resources available for economic empowerment to her clients.

She holds a PhD from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa Florida, a Masters in Liberal Arts and a Masters in Counseling from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Her seminal work is based on her research in "Stress and Women in Midlife Transition", which she has shared with many women's groups. The founder and chief operating officer of Creative Creations International, she provides services to religious, corporate and secular organizations. She has worked with such agencies and companies which include: Witness Systems, Jostens, Wachovia Bank ,Choice Points ,A Class Act, Crisis Care Network, and The Little Princess Foundation to name a few. Her extensive work with religious organizations include: Turner Chapel A.M.E., The Living Water Ministries, East Baltimore Deliverance Church, Martin Luther King UMC, and more. In April, 2008, Dr. Kirkpatrick was a featured guest on Oprah and Friends Satellite Radio on the Maya Angelou Mothers Day show.

She resides in Roswell Georgia with her husband Paul, and is the mother of three adult children, and four grandchildren. Dr. Kirkpatrick can be reached for speaking engagements, workshops and seminars at 404.220.9607 or send an email to [email protected] Her life's theme: 'It's All About Love" is the guiding force in her mission to impart love and compassion to all she meets.